Where do I begin! God truly brought you into our lives. My sister was happier at Erika’s House than she had been in several years because of you. And she seemed even healthier. She enjoyed watching Nieves cook and even gave her meal ideas, and especially eating what you prepared. She loved teasing back and forth with Millie and sitting outside enjoying the yucky old cigarettes and of course, Erika, you know how she loves you doing her nails for her!

Thank you for your kind care and more importantly, the loved you gave my dear, dear sister!

God bless you all!

I want to thank you again for all of your wonderful care and concern you showed my mom. It’s the perfect time of year to reflect on those who’ve touched our hearts. I only wish she could of have gotten well so she could walked around and enjoyed your place and her cute bedroom. I wish you a happy, healthy and blessed new year.

I can’t really express how grateful I am that you were able to be with my Mom during her last years. It was always comforting to know that you were there for her, especially since I was so far away.

My sister and I were so fortunate to find Erika’s House ALF after we had so much difficulty in a larger Assisted Living Facility there in the north Tampa area. Your place and your Personal Care made it much more like a real home for my mother thank for being there… best of luck to you in the future; and again many thanks !

My mother was with Nieves for almost 2 years. I cannot begin to thank the staff and care provider management enough for all of the love and care that she received at Erika’s House. After having experienced several falls at her previous Memory facility I was thrilled that Erika’s House provided my mom the individual attention that she needed. In the entire time she was very happy & smiled all of the time. When I would come visit her she was always dressed nicely in CLEAN clothes. She enjoyed interacting with the other clients & loved the great food! I am so thankful that my mother was able to spend her last year in such a caring place. If you are looking for a wonderful, caring atmosphere in a place that isn’t so large that your parent becomes a number and not an individual –please- do yourself and your loved one the utmost favor – find their home at Erika’s House.

A thanks you to all at Erika’s House. My Mother in law and Father in law stayed there. Since we live one mile away we were able to go there often. We never called ahead, yet our parents were kept clean and healthy as were all that stayed there. All food is prepared fresh and delicious, I checked it out! Nieves Medina is a fine Christian woman. If I ever need an assisted living facility, I have instructed my family to send me to Erika’s House.


We extend our heartfelt love and appreciation to Nieves for her never-ending compassion and round the clock loving care given to our mother. There are words that can sufficiently express our gratitude for the exemplary service she provide our mother and family. Our mother was Nieves’s first resident!

We hope you will entrust Nieves with your loved one’s care as we did “She’s is the best decision we ever made for Mom.


Our Mom was very fortunate to have experienced receiving the very best care by Nieves Medina, The caregiver and owner, prior to her passing away one month later. We feel very blessed to have found Nieves and her wonderful care. Our family would like to share with you some of the many things that make Nieves Medina so special:


* She gave our Mom the most tender care. Mom looked happier and started to gain weight which was desperately needed. Nieves gave Mom lots of laughs and friendly conversations to cheer her. Her comfort was always first with Nieves.

 *She made our Mom feel feminine by washing and brushing her hair; putting lotion on her body; dressing her up with her favorite clothes , makeup, perfume and jewelry to make her feel good.

* Her house was clean and spotless at all times.

* She gave extra care for giving our Mom a comfortable and clean shower experience.

* She cooked delicious, home-cooked meals (asking my Mom what her favorite foods were), cut up Mom’s food and hand-fed her to make sure she received the nutrition she needed. Healthy snack of fruit, cracker and cheese, were giving daily. Mom loved dessert, so Nieves always made sure to see a smile on Mom’s face by giving her ice cream and things she so loved.

* She coordinated anything we needed from hairstylists, ordering prescriptions, informing Nurses/Doctor/Hospice/physical Therapist of changes to Mom’s conditions, etc.

* She allowed us to decorate Mom’s private room so it would feel like home with all of her pretty furniture and memories to make her happy.

* Nieves opened her home to us at any time with a smile and even in the middle of the night when it was our Mom’s time to go to heaven.

* She went all out, by ordering equipment from Hospice that would make Mom feel super comfortable and able to breathe easier, etc.

* She worked side-by-side with great love for Mom with Hospice and at the time of 24/7 care. Right down to Mom’s last breath, she was there with love for her.

Our family can’t thank her enough for the wonderful care and family support at the most critical time in our Mom’s life. We recommend Nieves Medina highly.